Free Twilight New Moon Digital Scrapbooking Layout


A new, free digital scrapbooking quick page layout inspired by the recent release of the new Twilight series movie, New Moon, this free digital scrapbooking quick page layout will inspire you. A shabby, grunge red and black design at 12X12 digital scrapbooking quick page is printable at 300 dpi in .png format. Silver chains dangle from the top of this Twilight inspired scrapbook page, and three blood red jewel drops fall from the ends of three of the chains that surround a simple, vertical, arched photo frame.

A full moon glows near the top of this scrapbook page, while the words, “New Moon,” in beveled silver word-art text enhance the lower right portion of the page. This shabby red and black scrapbook background is also perfect for a punk scrapbook layout page, goth, teen, emo scrapbook page, or other grungy or antique / old-world look digital scrapbook page layout.

If you are not familiar with digital scrapbooking quick page layouts, they are premade pages that you layer over a photo or photos in any graphic software application that supports transparent .png files, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and GIMP, a free, online graphics editor.

There are drop shadows behind the chains, jewels, and frame. These free layouts can always be printed and used for traditional scrapbook pages, as they are always high-resolution and free of stray pixels. They can also be reduced in size to print on letter-sized or smaller paper, and can be used as printable party invitations, as well.

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