Pink Valentines Day Hearts Template

Here is a girly, romantic free Valentine’s Day scrapbooking layout with pink hearts, swirls, and gold frames. It’s a simple layout with stacked background papers, one with hearts, and one with pink checks and hearts.

When Valentine’s Day rolls around again, be sure to visit this awesome, free printables site for photo cards, including several designed by me. Actually, the site is loaded with beautiful, downloadable, free printable cards and much more for every day and every occasion.

I designed this in January, when I was still creating pages at 200dpi (I’m now back to 300dpi designs), and it will print nicely while saving a bit of space on your hard drive. It’s 12X12 and easily reduced to 8X8, 6X6, or any smaller size that you prefer.

This page is perfect for baby girls’ scrapbooking pages, wedding pages, teens, or for any love-themed or feminine scrapbooking page layout.

Please read my terms of use posted on this site and included in every download, especially before you post any of my designs online. And remember to comment and Pin–Enjoy!