Shabby Vintage Lavender Scrapbooking Layout


This post is in honor of our friends in Missouri who are cleaning up after what looks to be a tornado hit their property.

The lavender flowers and vintage look paper remind me of when we used to visit our grandparents in Missouri, and those hot Missouri summers when we could look for four-leaf-clovers and then cool off in the old claw foot bathtub sitting in the yard. It’s been a long time, but I still miss my grandparents very much.

They sure loved us grandkids, and love will give you the best memories ever.

Stop by to visit my friend’s unique DIY blog. Say hello to Crystal, and if you have any tips for hauling big trees and fixing fences, or entertaining seven children while trying to clean up a tornado mess, I’m sure she would appreciate your tips.

They don’t know for sure that it was a tornado, but they saw swirling clouds in the night sky above them just before they headed to the garage with a large mattress to shelter the kids under. They live near the ozarks in Missouri, and they usually don’t get tornadoes like the flatter midwestern areas get, but this one was an exception I guess.

I hope you like this free shabby vintage lavender scrapbooking layout. And I hope it reminds you of picking lavender with your grandmother, too. Comments are always welcome. Enjoy!