Terms of Use Overview

If you are a personal scrapbooker looking for license information, you can read my designer terms of use here. If you’re not sure whether you can post something of mine online, just ask me.

There is also a separate website conditions use policy for blog scrapers, hotlinkers, copyright infringers, and commercial sites and there is also a link to these conditions at the bottom of every page on this site. I have a very structured method for granting usage permission for my content because of previous content theft, so if you want to quote me or use an image, please ask and I’ll send you proof of permission. Without the proof of permission stipulated in my terms, there is no permission.

If you write articles online or want content or an interview for your blog or commercial article, please contact me. I’m happy to help those who write online for a living or other legitimate bloggers, including other scrapbooking bloggers. We’re all in this together, right?