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If you are a scrapbooker using my designs, this page is for you. These are the Terms of Use for Wonderland Scraps and FreeQuickPage layouts, templates, embellishments, papers, and all other elements. Please read in its entirety, and feel free to contact me with any questions, preferably by email.

(Note: there is a separate website terms of use to prevent content scraping, hotlinking, and showing my site in iframes, etc. meant primarily for websites that make their money from ads shown on pages with other people’s stolen content.)

Kimberly White Wonderland ScrapsTM(Designer) Digital Graphics Terms of Use

Contact email:

UPDATE 6/18/2014

There are a few new additions to my terms of use. The first three offer more flexibility, and the last explains penalties for unauthorized commercial use. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

1. You MAY now use my pages for memorializing a loved one without crediting me or linking to my site, but no one else may take credit for my design(s). You may also make a memorial page for someone else for free, but not for sale.

2. I DO offer individual commercial licenses for modified designs. Please contact me for availability and pricing.

3. Individuals, teachers, churches, craft groups, non-profits, and other groups MAY print my designs and use them for group projects as long as no one else claims credit for my work and as long as you honor my designer terms of use. Please remember that if finished work is posted online, credit to for the design work (except for memorial pages) must be visibly displayed.

4. For unauthorized commercial use of my images, there is a $450 per instance charge payable immediately upon demand, whether or not any product was purchased. A DMCA takedown notice will be issued to the host of any content used without authorization, who will then remove the product, and you will still owe the usage fee. By offering a product for sale that includes one of my originals designs on a commercial site, you hereby agree to pay me $450 for every instance that my image appears. For example, if you offer 37 Zazzle products using one of my images, you agree to reimburse me $450 for EACH product. If you offer an Etsy product with my image, you will also be charged for the product’s appearance on Etsy’s UK site. If you use my image in your shop banner, there is an additional charge for that. No exceptions. This fee is lower than the minimum penalty provided by law for copyright infringement, and is offered in lieu of litigation.

These are the Terms of Use for Wonderland ScrapsTM (and pre-April 2013 layouts, templates, embellishments, papers, and all other elements. Please read in its entirety, and feel free to contact me with any questions, preferably by email.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like permission to use my designs in a manner that differs from these terms. (I’m actually very flexible when asked for permission, but these terms are essential to stop unethical site owners/posters from stealing my designs.)

Summary: You may use all free images on this site including quick pages, layouts, templates, embellishments, papers, and all other free elements for Personal Use and for the following Limited Use Purposes: S4O (Scrap for Others), s4H (Scrap for Hire), Finished photographers’ portfolios or cards that include your photos, as long as you include a live hyperlink (if posted online, or printed if offline) with the URL to the page where the download link is located on, and credit Kimberly White of Wonderland ScrapsTM as the designer. You may also post your finished layouts with your photos to galleries on other websites, and you may add your own embellishments and elements, as long as you link to my site and credit me for the original design.

In other words, if you post a finished scrapbook page from my design on your own site or Facebook page and give me credit, including a live hyperlink where possible, you’re good to go. These layouts are for scrappers, and NOT for commercial use or personal gain by scam / spam sites.

In no case may you watermark or label my images with your own brand or website or post to any website that watermarks user images. Doing so will result in an immediate DMCA takedown notice upon discovery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By posting or allowing my designs to be posted online as-is (i.e. not part of a finished scrapbooking page that includes your own photo) and/or without specific credit and a visible, clickable hyperlink to, you hereby agree to include proof of permission in the form of a digitally signed email from with intact email header information when filing any counter claim to any dmca takedown notice filed by me. If you fail to provide proof of permission as required, you agree not to file a counter-claim or to immediately withdraw any counter-claim filed. You concede that filing such a claim without proof would be committing perjury and copyright infringement, and you agree that any resulting dispute will be litigated as such in a court of law in alameda county, state of california, u.s.a. or arbitrated at my sole option.

Note: My images/designs may NOT be used online as-is without my express permission and without a link to my site. If using my designs on a web page with ads, you must provide a visible, clickable hyperlink to These designs are for scrapbookers, who finish them with their own family photos, and are not for promoting someone else’s commercial sites.

This means that if you add photos to my designs to create a finished PRINTED (not digital) product, you may then offer those finished designs if you credit me and link to my site as stipulated above, but you may not sell my designs for others to add or layer photos or images with to create their own finished products.

All of my quick pages are okay for S4H (scrap for hire), S4O (scrap for others), and photographer-friendly within these terms.

All copyrights to all digital design elements offered as part of any products sold or distributed are retained by the Designer. Designer reserves the right to modify and update the Terms of Use associated with her products at any time and without notice. It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner.

This license is not in any way, shape or form transferable.

Please read this entire Terms of Use document carefully. I aggressively enforce my copyright, as it reduces the value of my products when illegal copies of my work are posted or published, and it jeopardizes my search-engine rankings when my images are posted online without my permission.

What you CAN do with the Personal Use License

YOU MAY Use any graphic in your own personal layouts or craft projects, including hybrid designs or paper scrapbooking.

YOU MAY Use graphic elements in layouts and other craft projects that are submitted to scrapbooking magazines for publication, online galleries, or other non-retail web communities, as long as proper credit is given to the designer by name, including credit notice of any graphic you have altered in any way.

YOU MAY Copy graphic files to a computer or other drive for your personal or household use only.

YOU MAY Alter graphics for your own personal use.

YOU MAY Use graphics for your photography or home-based business using our provided Limited Use License. This includes Scrap for Hire (S4H) and Scrap for Others (S4O) businesses. See “Limited Use License” below for more details.

YOU MAY Use graphics to customize your own personal blog or website as long as credit notice is given to Kimberly White of with a visible, clickable link to

What you can NOT do with the Personal Use License:

YOU MAY NOT Brand, distribute, sell or claim these graphics as your own (altered or unaltered)

YOU MAY NOT Redistribute graphics in any way (selling, sharing, loaning or pirating). This includes graphics that you have downloaded as part of a free offering, as well as purchased graphics.

YOU MAY NOT Use graphics for your own pre-made page designs (i.e., quick pages or templates), cards, stationary, or other designed layouts that you offer for sale or distribution, even free. Illegal distribution channels would include, but are not limited to, online websites such as eBay, Etsy, other retail outlets (traditional and web), your own personal website.

YOU MAY NOT Offer any graphic on any website for download, nor send any graphic to email lists, Internet communities, Yahoo Groups, or any other outlet without written explicit permission of Designer.

YOU MAY NOT Transform any graphic into a clip art element, stamp, tubes, or brush elements that can be distributed for use in other graphic programs or for anything other than your own personal use.

YOU MAY NOT Reproduce any graphics into other formats for distribution including, but not limited to, embroideries, stamps, software icons or elements, web pages, graph images, web banners, or other layout compilations (i.e., quick pages) without the expressed written consent of the designer.

YOU MAY NOT Use graphics for the purpose of designing business web pages or web templates, eBay product pages or eBay about me pages, or cards without specific written permission from Designer via certified email.

YOU MAY NOT Upload graphics to any webpage for download, or send them through Google, Yahoo, or other “list” or community groups.


This Limited Use License is NOT a Commercial License. Limited License is granted for you to use graphics in compilation products for sale as part of a photography business, Scrap for Hire (S4H), and Scrap for Others (S4O) basis.

This limited Use license allows you to do the following:

YOU MAY Use graphics to make custom photo cards, photo albums and photo calendars for sale to your clients in a completed format.

YOU MAY Use these designs in marketing your photography/scrap-for-hire business. When posted online, use of my designs must always be credited to: Kimberly White of, with a clickable link to wherever possible.

YOU MAY Design photo albums to sell to your clients in a flattened or printed format.

YOU MAY Design photo cards to sell to your clients in a flattened, printed format [not as a digital file].

This Limited Use License will NOT allow you to do the following:

YOU MAY NOT Resell any of the products or the templates as they currently exist or in layered digital format.

YOU MAY NOT Resell any of the products where the primary content of the product is our designs. For instance, you may not sell a photo album or cards, invitations or announcements that do not have your own photos included and are marketed as a photo Card as part of your photography business.

YOU MAY NOT Resell or distribute graphics, even in flattened format, to general public as pages, albums, templates, cards, stationery, invitations, announcements or anything of the like to the general public. This would include distribution through your own site, Etsy, eBay or any retail establishment.

YOU MAY NOT Resell any of the designs as part of your own works or as they exist to any retailer, photographer, designer or customer.

YOU MAY NOT Use the content for any harmful, pornographic, or racial material or material that may be readily deemed as harmful or offensive to another person.

YOU MAY NOT Use the designs to create greeting cards, stationery, home decor products or any other merchandise.

YOU MAY NOT Redistribute in other formats such as brushes, software elements, icons, stationery products, alphabets or any other commercial use.

At NO time may any portion of my designs be used on any website or in conjunction with any medium that includes any text, images, or other media that promotes, or appears to promote hate speech, violence, or discrimination of any form toward any race, religious group, ethnicity, gender/sexual orientation, or people associated with any geographical location.

At NO time may any portion of my designs be used on any website or in conjunction with any medium that includes any text, images, or other media that includes adult content such as pornography or other graphic content that is generally understood to be unsuitable for children by a reasonable person.

You may not offer any image on this site, in part or in whole, either free or for sale, as a design template, including, but not limited to: greeting cards, invitations, scrapbooking, backgrounds, or other digital or printed products.


It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner. Accessing the images and text provided within this purchase does not give you any rights to use them without the permission of the Copyright owner. All distributed products, including but not limited to images and text, are protected by copyright under U.S. copyright law, international conventions, and other copyright laws. You cannot use the Content except as specified herein. You hereby agree, by your action to purchase or download, to follow all instructions within these terms and are bound by the limitations herein. Commercial Use elements are used occasionally by designers in the creation of products.


The products and graphics downloaded from this site are not provided with a license for commercial use and distribution. Such commercial licenses are handled on a case-by-case basis. Fees and royalties involved can vary greatly depending upon several factors.

For additional information regarding the prospect of a commercial license please contact the designer by sending an email to:

Disclaimer: Designs are offered as-is, and no warranty, implied or otherwise, exists. I am not responsible for any loss, inconvenience or damage that may be incurred in downloading or using my files.

These terms are subject to change without notice, so please check for updated terms on this page  before publishing, posting, or sharing any of my images. The terms posted at that location supersede all other terms if the website terms are more restrictive.

Original posted December 31, 2009
Last updated April 14, 2013